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  April 22nd, 2019.

Money remittances


Money remittances – within the country

Post of Serbia performs out-payment of money remittances to customers, without opening payment accounts in banks, in cooperation with payers-government institutions and commercial banks.

Out-payment of money remittances is done in a manner and under the terms and conditions set forth in the contracts with payers and commercial banks.

Fee for payment of retirement benefits paid out by the Republic Pension and Disability Insurance Fund is equal to 1.4% of the payment amount. No fees are levied for payment of social welfare benefits paid out by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy, as well as by the Kosovo and Metohija Office.

Western Union money remittance

Western Union is the fastest way to send /receive money to/from abroad. Money may be sent to over 200 countries all over the world. The Post of Serbia offers the Western Union services only in dinars. Foreign currencies are exchanged into dinars according to the Western Union’s official exchange rates.

Fee for this service is calculated according to the Western Union price list, and only the sender pays it.

Starting January 1, 2018, Western Union money order service shall also be available within Serbia and the fees for rendered services shall be calculated in accordance with the Western Union pricelist.

The Post of Serbia provides services of Western Union money remittances as a representative of the payment institution of the company Tenfore LLC, Belgrade (Decision of the National Bank of Serbia No.7482 dated 8th October, 2015). The company Tenfore LLC, Belgrade is a payment institution operating in accordance with the license of the National Bank of Serbia (Decision of the National Bank of Serbia No.83 dated 28th September, 2015).

Sending money with Western Union money remittance

Service of sending money with Western Union money remittance enables the payment of money in dinars on the counters of post offices. If you want to send money from Serbia, you just have to go to a post office which provides Western Union services.

Sender can ask for the payment of specifically determined amount and currency (for example 1.000 USD). In that case, recipient can get the money only in determined currency, at any Western Union location. After the transfer, sender informs the recipient about the control number of money remittance (MTCN), the amount of money, exact name and surname of the sender and the country of sending.

Daily limit for sending amounts to 880,000.00 rsd, and the monthly limit amounts to 1,200,000.00 per person.

Receiving money with Western Union money remittance

Service of receiving money with Western Union money remittance in the Republic of Serbia enables fast money out- payment on the post office counters. Money is available in few minutes after being sent. The out-payment is done after the recipient shows his valid ID, and the control number of money remittance (MTCN), expected amount of money, first and last name of the sender and country from which the money was sent.

The list of post offices providing Western Union services

General terms

Regulations on general terms of performing one-time payment transactions in PE Post of Serbia is available here.

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Price list- Western Union money remittance


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