PE Post of Serbia

  April 22nd, 2019.

Exchange office


By introducing exchange operations, Post of Serbia has complemented the range of financial services. From now on, you can do all your financial operations in one place, in the Post!

Purchase and sale of foreign currency will be available in authorised post offices, according to the exchange rate determined by the Post of Serbia. List of exchange rates is determined freely and it is applicable until the new one is published. The service shall be provided to natural persons, residents and non-residents.

Citizens will be able to purchase and sell foreign currency at a favourable exchange rate and without commission.

List of authorised post offices for exchange operations may be seen here.

Exchange Rate List on 19.4.2019
Currency number Name of the country Currency code Parity Exchange rate
Buying Selling
978 EMU EUR 1 117,1000 118,4000
756 Switzerland CHF 1 100,4000 103,7000
840 SAD USD 1 101,9000 105,2000


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