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  April 22nd, 2019.


Allow the use of services and goods immediately after the payment.



Most popular types of e-credit is payment of prepaid credit for mobile phones, which is available for all za mobile phone providers in Serbia (Telekom, Telenor, VIP), as well as fast payment for customers of Limundo/Kupindo websites.

PostFin payment

Services for private customers

PostFin payment is a service of the Post which represents fast and simple way of payment for your internet purchase order, if the web site offers this type of payment, which will be displayed with the PostFin mark next to the service or a product.

During the purchase on the web site it is important to accurately write down the PostFin number, which uniquely identifies your purchase, and it’s very easy to notice it because it always starts with letters PF (for example: PF012345678 , 1,000.00 dinars). You only need to tell the clerk at the post office counter the PostFin number and the amount of the payment and pay for the product.

Advantages of PostFin payment are numerous:

  • on-line realization
  • payment without filling-in the payment forms and goods or services are available right after the payment
  • payment is possible on more than 4000 post office counters in Serbia
  • payments are available on weekends and holidays in the on-duty post offices

Services for business customers

Do business with the Post! Expand and expedite the payment possibilities on your WEB site!

Post of Serbia offers the implementation of the solution for PostFin payments to all business customer who wish to allow this type of payment to their Internet buyers.PostFin payments inspire users’ confidence in buying on the Internet and enable them on one side to be active and involved in Internet shopping and on the other hand gives them security because the payment transactions are done through the Post.

Advantages of PostFin payment:

  • buying goods and services on Internet, without credit cards or bank accounts
  • information on the payment, because the on-line transactions are in connection with your system
  • Fast transfer of paid funds to your account

PostFin payment is intended for modern and turbulent environment considering that it saves your time and enables you to optimise material recourses because a large network of the Post of Serbia is always available to you and your users.

PostFin payment of orders

PostFin payment of orders enables fast and simple payment and ordering of products from our business partners.

For PostFin payment of order you need to bring to the post office counter a filled-in coupon that was published by our business partner and pay for the product. Your order will be delivered to the address you  indicated  during payment.

Advantages of PostFin payment of orders are numerous:

  • wide availability – in all post offices
  • simplicity - without filling-in the payment forms
  • availability on weekends and holidays in the on-duty post offices
  • without additional charges for payment and delivery – you pay only the price of the ordered product

For business customers

Do business with the Post! Expand and expedite the possibilities of ordering your products with payments in the post office.

PE Post of Serbia offers you the service of effective ordering, payment and delivery of products to the buyer’s address.

Advantages of the service PostFin payment of orders:

  • fast, available and effective ordering of products on the post office counter
  • electronic delivery of information on paid products
  • fast transfer of money to your account
  • delivery of goods to the buyer’s address within short deadlines
  • additional services of packing and addressing the goods

Please contact us for additional information, contact details are on the bottom of the page.

General terms

Regulations on general terms of performing one-time payment transactions in PE Post of Serbia is available here.


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