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  April 21st, 2019.

Commercial SMS

Communicate with several customers at the same time, in fast and simple way


Commercial SMS provides communication between your customers and your information system via SMS. You can define your short number (e.g. 3277), format and text of the massage, as well as the price for the final user.

Our recognizable services are for:

  • Banks (check of bank account balance, customer registration, predefined services…)
  • Distributors and transporters (reservation of products, enquiry of the time of arrival/departure)
  • Media (voting, information on road conditions, weather forecast…)
  • Internet providers, theaters, parking services (purchase of internet credits, ticket reservation)

Benefits for your comp:

  • Service is commercial (you define the price and you participate in distribution of income)
  • Available 24/7
  • Full protection of personal and other data of your company and your clients
  • In combination with service SMS bulk it is possible to use direct SMS marketing

The way commercial SMS service works:

Final user sends an SMS in defined form to a short four digit number which was previously given to you. This massage is charged by a mobile operator to customer's prepaid or postpaid bill.
The message is sent forward via CePP (Center for Post of Serbia E-business), to your information system which processes it and sends reply back to CePP which delivers it to the final user.
Communication between your information system and CePP is frequently done via internet or frame relay, while inward and outward traffic is done via WEB service (SOAP massages).

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Prices are determined by a contract, depending on your needs and precisely defined demands.

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Working hours:
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