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  April 21st, 2019.

Catalog Sales


Catalog Sales is successfully used by many companies, from manufactures of custom goods to huge shopping molls, because of its advantages over regular sales in stores. In fact, this type of advertisement and sales, coming in every home, is one of the most eligible, the simplest and the most economic ways of marketing communication with the customers.
PE Post of Serbia offers to the legal persons in catalog sales package of services for realization:

  • Transport of catalogs
  • Reception of orders
  • Delivery of ordered goods.

Use our network for presentation of you offer and sell your goods using our series of postal services. We organize:

  • Reception and delivery of catalogs, flats and letter offers
  • Reception of orders from customers via letters, phone and Internet
  • Reception, transport and delivery of goods to client's address. For your needs, Business service can organize packing, addressing and storage of goods from your catalog
  • Charging the customer for goods and paying it to your account
  • Sending back ordered and not delivered goods.

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Time limits for transport and delivery of parcels

Parcels will be transported and delivered in following time limits:

  • Two work days in closer delivery range,
  • Three work days in wider delivery range,
  • Five work days in the widest delivery range.

This time limit does not include the reception day, Saturday, Sunday, days of public and religious holidays and other non-working days.
Time limits for transport and delivery in international postal traffic are not defined, because they depend on custom procedure, type of transport and the way postal traffic is regulated in that country.

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Prices are determined by a contract, depending on your needs and precisely defined demands.

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For more information about Catalogue sales service, please contact the appropriate organisational unit within the Services Function.

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Trade & Marketing Sector

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