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  April 22nd, 2019.

PO Boxes for prize contest


Business service of Serbian Post offers you complete logistics in organizing prize contest which includes sending coupons, labels, cuttings, bungs and other things via mail. We will be there to make the organization easier, first by opening and regularly checking your PO Box, then by keeping your post items very secure, and finally by transporting post items to the place where the prize contest is held.
We give you the opportunity to choose the number of your PO Box, which can have a symbolic value in accordance with your needs. For example, RTS television chose 2006 to be the number of their PO Box, when they organized the contest 'Build the Avala Tower', to symbolize the year when this contest started.

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Opening PO Box for customers of Business service is free. Prices of other business services you can see here.

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Any additional information on services of Business Service for Belgrade may be obtained by contacting WU Regional postal & logistic centre Belgrade:

PE Post of Serbia
WU Regional postal & logistic centre Belgrade
Ugrinovačka 210b, 11000 Beograd, PAK: 200020
011 3643 000

Sales service

011 3643 165
011 3643 166
011 3643 178
011 3643 184
011 3643 011

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