PE Post of Serbia

  April 22nd, 2019.

Business parcel


Business parcel is an item insured up to 50,000.00 dinars, weighing over 5 kg and up to 50 kg.

We take over a Business parcel at your address, on demand, on the specific date and at the agreed time.

We deliver Business parcel to the address of the receiver on the next day upon reception, in accordance with the working hours of the Post and the territory to which the parcel is to be delivered.

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for insured parcels with
a value up to 20,000 dinars
over 5 to 15200,00
over 15 to 20250,00
over 20 to 25300,00
over 25 to 30400,00
over 30 to 40600,00
over 40 to 50800,00

For parcels with insured value higher than 20,000.00 RSD there is a postage per value of 0.1% on the amount exceeding 20,000.00 RSD.

Special services:

  • Special delivery parcel necessary for parcels with specific size, shape, content) – 50 dinars per parcel, no matter the weight.
  • Return receipt (return information on delivery) – 23 dinars.
  • Return of delivery note (return of the delivery note and/or other documents) - 50.00 dinars.

Services are exempt from VAT.

We will sign the contract on delivering your Business parcel
We will work together on mutual satisfaction

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For more information about Parcel services, please contact the appropriate organisational unit within the Services Function.

PE Post of Serbia
Services Function
Takovska 2, 11120 Beograd, PAK: 135403

Contact center

0700 100 300 (charged like local call)

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