PE Post of Serbia

  April 21st, 2019.

PostNET, PostSAP, PostTIS


Post of Serbia has implemented a highly sophisticated IT projects adjusted to the needs of the public postal operator and it is ready to transfer its knowledge to the third party:

  • Multi-service corporative information and communication network PostNET, based on IP / MPLS technology (the ability of the different classes of traffic, creating virtual private networks and mechanisms for ensuring quality of service), which connects all commercial buildings of the Company in the headquarters of 36 working units and over 1,500 post offices and separated counters . PostNET network provides data transmission for internal purposes of the Company, on-line transactions at post office counters, data transmission for third persons, for e-Government, for Internet users of PTT Net and for PTT CDS. The nodes of the network are located in Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad and Kragujevac, and they are interconnected with the redundant links and have direct access to the Internet. Communication equipment in the nodes of PostNet network is fully administered by CISCO certified professionals of PE Post of Serbia.
  • Integrated information system for enterprise resource planning (ERP) - PostSAP. PE Post of Serbia is the first public postal operator in Southeast Europe, which has implemented the SAP solutions in their business and the following functional modules: financial accounting and operations (FI), the management of procurement and inventory monitoring (MM), Financial Analysis and Planning (CO), financial monitoring and recording of investments (IM), budget management (FM), maintenance of fixed assets (PM), marking fixed asset with bar code and business intelligence (BI).
  • Postal technological and information system - PostTIS. This modern information system provides application support to the core activities of the public postal operator in the following segments: postal items (reception, collection, delivery, tack & trace, web express), financial transactions (treasury, payment of bills, banks, payment processing), electronic communication (telegram, money order , Cash Express), commerce (procurement, distribution, sales), business service (catalog sales, additional postal services, web shop), call center (Post Express, telegrams, money orders), claims and receivables procedures, centralized administration and monitoring.

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Prices are determined by customer’s needs and precisely defined demands.

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PE Post of Serbia
IT, e-communications & development function
Takovska 2, 11120 Beograd, PAK: 135403
011 3022 014
011 3240 824

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