PE Post of Serbia

  April 21st, 2019.


Postage stamp – more than a symbol

Postage stamp is, beside being a mean of payment of postal services, valued as one of the most recognizable symbols of national culture. The postage stamp is not only postage value Postage stamp is also distinct cultural and even artistic phenomenon. It plays an important role promoting the values, ideas, heritage, characteristics of a society. Therefore, its motives are chosen with special care, insisting on the highest quality workmanship.

Stamps can be purchased in every post office in the Republic Serbia, new editions, and previous issues of postage stamps likewise.

In our retail shop in Belgrade, Takovska 7 we offer:

  • philatelic and numismatic products;
  • commemorative postage stamps;
  • FDC envelopes;
  • Philatelic thematic units and other philatelic products.

Postage stamps created by Serbian artists have received numerous international awards, and our designers have also gained references with foreign clients. This art work, experience and knowledge are also available to you through our personalized postage stamps.

We also create all kinds of visual, conceptual and graphical solutions for the stamps, philatelic products, as well as other products necessary for corporate presentation. In addition, we work computer prepress products and press control.

PE Post of Serbia
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