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  May 20th, 2019.

Postal Address Code (PAK)

Proper addressing implies entering accurate address data in the correct order. The key element for proper addressing is specifying the Postal Address Code (PAK), as a component of the address of every citizen and legal entity in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.


What is Postal Address Code?

Accurately written or printed on the postal item, Postal Address Code (PAK) is the key to its fast and accurate forwarding.

Postal Address Code (PAK) is a six-digit number indicating a part of the street where the postman is coming to deliver the postal item to the recipient and which more precisely determines the delivery location in comparison to regular addressing where only the postal code is entered.

Correct method of addressing the items

For example, PAK: 271372 carries the information that the recipient of the postal item lives in:

  • the municipality of Šabac,
  • the settlement of Jevremovac,
  • the part of the odd side of Braće Petrović Street, from number 49 to number 53.

Usage of postal address code enables the delivery of postal items within the prescribed time period, regardless of frequent changes in street names and the existence of streets with the same name in the same city or municipality.

How to find PAK?

You may find PAK for any address in Serbia:

  • by calling 0700 100 300 (for the price of a local call);
  • by using the online Find PAK tool;
  • at any post office.

Find PAK

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