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  May 20th, 2019.

Services and Benefits for Legal Entities

Harmonization of the address data with the address system of the Post

The most efficient way for legal entities to ensure constant quality of address data and fulfil their obligation of addressing postal items according to the prescribed standards is to harmonize their address database with the address system of the Post. For these purposes, the Post created a special service for legal entities.

Recording and maintaining of client’s address data

This service implies downloading the address database from the client, checking data accuracy and harmonizing it with the address system of the Post. For the address data of the client, the apropriate official names of municipalities, settlements, and streets are assigned and delivery post offices, delivery areas, and postal address codes – PAK are generated.

After that, an updated database of the address data harmonized with the address system of the Post is returned to the legal entity.

Maintaining of the client’s address system

Companies, for which the Post of Serbia performed the harmonization of the address database with its address system, directly become the users of the service of continuous updating of the address data. The data is updated according to changes in the field: change of street names, delivery post offices, etc.

Harmonization of the address database via PAK search engine

All clients who wish to independently update the address database with the information about the delivery post office, delivery area, and PAK, can use the online PAK search engine.

Benefits for service users

Benefits of the proper addressing of postal items and the usage of PAK in business operations:

  • accuracy and regular updating of the address data;
  • precise forwarding and delivery of postal items within the prescribed time period;
  • efficient management of address databases;
  • reduction in the number of undelivered postal items;
  • higher customer satisfaction .


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