PE Post of Serbia

  May 20th, 2019.

Tracking of the item status


By using the service of tracking the item status you may get information on date, time, place and status of your item from the moment of its entering the system.

Identification of the item

Every item in the system has its identification (reception) number received upon posting it.

R barkod nalepnica

Identification (reception) number of the item

By inserting the identification number and pressing the button „search“, the search is initiated.

Result of Search

The result of the search is the presentment of status for the particular item: date, time, place, phase and status.


The procedure of delivery is made in three phases:

  • Reception
  • Dispatch
  • Delivery


The list of statuses:

  • Reception
  • Delivered
  • Call-For-Item left in postbox
  • Re-direction
  • Returned to Sender
  • Addressee refuses to receive/Item not asked for
  • Section for undeliverable items
  • Addressee refuses to receive because of customs fees


"Signature" can be seen only for delivered items. If the item is delivered, the client may see the name and surname of the addressee, date, time and place where the item was delivered.

Information Centre of the Post

If the search has not given you the necessary information, pleas call Information Centre of Post on the phone: 0700 100 300.