PE Post of Serbia

  May 20th, 2019.

Tracking of the item status

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is the purpose of Track & Trace System?
    Track & Trace System for electronic tracking of postal items enables the postal items user to be informed about the status of his item (is it already delivered, returned or re-directed).
  2. Which items can be tracked in the Track & Trace System?
    At the moment, the postal items that can be tracked are as follows: insured letter (first letter V, the second in the range from A to Z); registered letter for domestic services (postal item code RE); parcel (first letter C, the second in the range from A to Z); post-express postal items (postal item code PE); registered postal item from and for abroad (first letter R, the second in the range from A to Z); EMS postal items (first letter E, the second in the range from A to Z).
  3. How can we activate the Track&Trace service?
    The service of postal items electronic tracking the client may activate when posting the item, to the postal officer, and if it belongs to the group of services to be tracked.
  4. Where can I get informed if my item was delivered or about its status?
    Information on the postal item status, is available to the users on the Internet site at all times, i.e., by contacting the Postal Information Service center (in preparation) on 0700 100 300.
  5. Is it possible to see a digital signature?
    If the digital signature exists in the base, the user may see it.
  6. Are the postal items tracked abroad?
    Currently, Electronic tracking of postal items towards abroad, is available only to the Exchange Post Office, respectively to the exit of postal items from the country.
  7. Which information can I expect to receive if I use Track&Trace System?
    By using the Track&Trace System, the client may acquire the following information:
    • the item indicia, type of scanning, date and time of scanning, signature, name of WU of postal system or UPN, status of delivery;
    • in relation with the Post Information Service, as well as regarding the services which it provides, both in Serbian and English language;
    • on the postal items electronic tracking system, its advantages and abilities, both in Serbian and English language.
  8. How much the Track&Trace service costs?
    The Track&Trace service are not charged for the moment.
  9. How can I track the item for abroad?
    If the item which the client sent to some specific destination in the world, has not arrived within the prescribed time-limits, the client can only get the necessary information about the item by traditional way of inquiry. The client should initiate the inquiry procedure.